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Providing Confidence for Families for Generations

We understand the importance of multi-generational strategies that not only benefit families today but also lay a solid foundation for future generations. Your needs are unique, and we want to take the time to listen and understand so that you are confident in your plan. Let us help you build a strong financial foundation for your family's future.

Our 5 Star Client Service Experience

We believe being proactive is the best way to plan for and protect your family.  We encourage all of our clients to engage in ongoing discussions with our team throughout the year so we can create a deeper and more impactful financial plan personalized around you, your values and your goals.  We offer a service calendar of important and timely topics and designate 15 minute appointments to dive into a specific topic of interest, one on one.  You'll get important answers to your questions in a short phone call, so you can get back to enjoying your day.  We also offer easy and convenient appointment booking right here, on our website!  Whether you have a quick question, need to schedule your annual strategy review, are going through a life change and want to schedule a client meeting or you want to bring your family in for a family meeting; we are here to provide the guidance and advice for your financial confidence.

How We Get Paid

It is very important that our fee structures are simple, transparent and that our clients always understand the cost for their financial planning services. Our fees are very competitive and it is our goal that every client feels that they are getting an exceptional value.  

We utilize a fee-based approach. Within this approach, clients are assessed a quarterly fee based on their aggregate account values which is deducted from their accounts automatically.  Fees are assessed based on a sliding scale that decreases as the total account size increases. 

For PPS Select and PPS Custom Accounts, clients will have the same total fee percentage.  In PPS Select, a portion of the fee will be a small strategy fee paid to the program managers and the remainder will be the financial planning fee. In PPS Custom, the entire fee will be the financial planning fee.

Annual Pricing by Aggregate Account Values:

First 250k - 1.25%
250k - 500k - 1.2%
500k - 1MM - 1.15%
1MM - 2MM - 1%
2MM - 5MM - .75%
5MM+ - .5% 

In addition to the annual management fee, PPS Custom Program clients may pay platform fees, PPS Select Program clients will pay program fees, both may pay administrative charges, and miscellaneous account fees and charges, as described in the Master Services Agreement (MSA) or PPS Client Agreement (as applicable) and Commonwealth’s ADV Part 2A Brochure.

*Unified Managed Accounts will have an additional Manager Fee that varies and will be discussed if that is the appropriate strategy for your account

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